With the development of home security, it’s good to stay on top of the technology. Proquick Locksmith - Locksmith service in Orange County CA.

With the development of home security, it’s good to stay on top of the technology. Proquick Locksmith - Locksmith service in Orange County CA. is always up-to-date with the new technology in home security, and so if you want to upgrade your home security, they are the best people to talk to. The locksmith can recommend you the best smart locks in the market that you can use to upgrade your home security.

Ways To Improve Your Home Security

Burglary cases have become very rampant in the U.S., and that’s why securing your home should be your priority. Many homeowners usually ignore the security aspect until a burglar breaks into their home, that’s when they start looking for ways to secure their homes. This is very wrong. If you want to prevent thieves from breaking into your property, this is the perfect time to secure your home. Securing your home is essential as it can provide you with peace of mind, as well as stop burglars from gaining access to your home.

This article gives you some of the top ways you can secure your home. Continue reading to explore them.

  • Secure the doors

Research shows that more than 34% of burglars gain access to a home using the front door. So don’t give them this opportunity. Inspect all your doors and make sure the door frames are in good condition. If your door has a mail slot, ensure that no one can reach through it to unlock the door. If you are moving into a new apartment or another home, get a high security lock change. That way, no one out there will have a key to your house. Make sure to choose the best locks in the market.

  • Lock your windows

Doors and windows are the most common entry points used by burglars to gain access to your home. It’s not a bad idea to open your windows at night during summer to get fresh air, but don’t forget to lock them when going to sleep. If you don’t like your window latch locks, you can change them. You can also use window security film and even glass break sensors to increase your home security.

  • Light up everything

Burglars and vandals usually don’t like to be in the spotlight. So you can scare them away by having adequate outdoor lighting. Put lights on your front and back yards, near the garage, and along pathways. You can use motion-activated lights or solar-powered lights to save on energy.

  • Install a security system

Make sure that your home has any form of a security system, whether it is a DIY system or one that comes with professional monitoring. There are various home security options that fit any budget and security level.

If you want to choose a security system that’s ideal for you, assess the needs of your neighborhood and your home. Your police department for neighborhood crime statistics can help you evaluate your home security needs.  When choosing a security system, consider customer service, reputation, and monthly costs.

  • Get rid of hiding places

Shrubs and trees enhance your home’s appearance, but they can also give burglars a good place to hide. So if you have trees and plants near your house, make sure to trim them regularly. You can also choose small flowers and bushes. If you have trees around your windows, get rid of them or you can add extra security to those windows.

  • Add security cameras

You have probably heard a couple of times how security camera footage captures burglars. Installing security cameras to your home is one of the top ways you can secure your home. You can use the security system to deter thieves, as well as get justice especially if the burglar is identified through the camera. You can choose a security camera that’s part of a complete home security system or choose a camera that works on its own.

Whichever option you choose, it’s recommended to use a security camera with a mobile application so you can see footage in real-time and store it. Your security camera should have features such as motion detection, night vision, Wi-Fi capability, local or cloud storage, and many more.

  • Lock down your Wi-Fi network

Your home Wi-Fi is a doorway to your personal and financial details. If you use home automation, it can make your house susceptible to a break-in. In case your Wi-Fi network is connected to your home’s security system or gadgets, it may give criminals access to your property.

So to prevent this, you need to secure your wireless router, rename and hide your home network, install antivirus, and create strong passwords.

  • Invest in a safe

You should always ensure that all your valuables are adequately protected so even if a burglar gains access to your home, they cannot get their hands on them.  One of the best ways you can safeguard your essentials such as jewelry or vital documents such as passports is by depositing them in an in-home safe. The safe should be waterproof, fire-resistant, and heavy enough that a burglar cannot run away with. When selecting a safe, look for one with redundant locks and has the right size that can accommodate all the valuables you want to protect.

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