Lock Rekey

Lock Rekey is very common nowadays, especially in apartment complexes. This process involves realigning the pins and springs in the inner workings of the lock to match the lock of a new key.

Lock Rekey is very common nowadays, especially in apartment complexes. This process involves realigning the pins and springs in the inner workings of the lock to match the lock of a new key. The kit that allows you to rekey the locks ranges from $15 to $25. You can do this yourself or call a professional to do the job.

  • Rekey when moving into a new house

When a house is being constructed, many people, including subcontractors, real estate agents, and inspectors usually have keys to all doors. But you wouldn’t want keys in the hands of all these people. That’s why it is advisable to rekey the door locks.

Rekeying is a good idea when moving into a new house because you are never sure how many keys are out there. When you want to purchase a new home, you must ensure that all the locks are rekeyed. Additionally, if you are renting, you should check your lease agreement for regulations regarding changing door locks. There are areas where you may be required to give the landlord a key to the newly rekeyed lock.

How to Take Care of Your Door Locks

Our homes have different locks all around them, and at some point, you may have lost the keys to one door, consequently leading you to call unlocking services CA. If you’ve seen an increase in the locks that need to be repaired in your home or those that frequently break down, you have to up your maintenance game.

Like everything else in your home, it’s essential to ensure that you take care of your locks. If you don’t, the locks could end up getting spoilt much sooner than their lifespan.

Over time, it’s normal for locks to wear down, but if you manage to maintain your locks well, you will not need to replace them so frequently, thus saving you a lot of money.

Here are a few tips that will ensure you maintain your door locks well, thus giving you a long time for usage.


Lubricate Your Locks Often

Your door locks should always function well without hitches here and there. Therefore, it’s essential that you lubricate your locks regularly. Your local locksmith will advise you to do lubrication on your locks once or twice every year.

Lubricants aren’t hard to apply, and they will help you to increase the locks’ lifespan. To lubricate your locks, simply apply some lubricant onto the keys and pass them in and out of the locks.


Ensure that Your Door is Properly Hung

Your professional locksmith can inspect your door and ensure that it’s hung properly. Your door should be upright and not sagging, and it should align accurately with the frame. Usually, when a door is not upright or properly hung, in most cases, you will always have to struggle to turn the key in it, thus putting unnecessary pressure on the locks, thus spoiling them.

When you have a properly hung door, you won’t have aCA issues opening or shutting the locks or having to put much pressure on the lock to have access to it. The gap between the door and the frame should be uniform from top to bottom.


Ensure Your Locks are Clean

To keep your locks well maintained, ensure that you clean them regularly. There’s usually a lot of build-up of dust and other materials that would cause your locks not to function ideally. To clean your locks, ensure you use a damp rag to wipe outside the locks. Please don’t use a chemical cleaner as it could cause damage to the locks.


Don’t Copy Duplicated Keys

As much as they try to copy the original key, your locksmith should tell you that the duplicate may not be an exact match, even if it works well. Remember that the original key has also undergone some wear throughout years of usage. Therefore, when you decide to duplicate keys, only use the original key for copies. Don’t copy duplicates as the other copies could end up damaging your locks.


Ensure Your Deadbolt Works Well

The deadbolt on your door should be easy to secure without the need of trying to adjust the doorknob. If you’re having issues with your deadbolt, ensure that you call your local locksmith to have a look at it and ensure that it extends all the way once it has been locked. Your deadbolt may have issues due to the wrong installation of the frame or the lock. If this is the case, your locksmith will provide a solution for you.


Ensure the Screws, and Strike Plate is Working Well

All of your door parts should be in good working condition to ensure that your locks are well-maintained and have a long lifespan. The screws on the hinges should be strong enough to hold the door to the frame so that the door doesn’t sag. Your ideal hinge screws should be at least three inches long. The strike plate should also have long screws.

As a home owner, if you’re looking to avoid unnecessary costs and damages, it’s essential that you maintain your locks and doors well by taking the points we’ve provided above into action. Additionally, once you notice that a lock isn’t functioning correctly, the best thing to do is to ensure you call your locksmith to fix it.

Using a damaged lock only makes it that much harder to repair and susceptible to permanent damage. To ensure your home’s security and the safety of your assets, ensure that your locks are always in tip-top working condition. This will decrease cases of burglary and thefts and also save you a lot of time and money in the future.

If you aren’t sure about how to take care of a specific lock, ensure you ask your local locksmith to take a look at it and advice you on the best way to take care of it. They can also recommend additional ways of looking after your locks.